What’s Next Baby Boomers?

Are you ready for the next phase of your life?

The baby boomers have been riding a massive wave of social, political and economic change from the day we were conceived. Now as we approach the end of traditional work life, we are looking at a new phase, loosely called ageing.

The big questions that arise are tinged with apprehension as we enter new uncharted territory. What will life be like after full time work? Will I be able to decide my future, or will it be dictated by others, particularly others that are not boomers and do not understand my dreams and fears?

Welcome to Boomerageonline.

Baby Boomers

Graham Forbes

My name is Graham Forbes, and I live in Adelaide, South Australia.

My purpose in starting this website is to encourage conversation between baby boomers around the changes and challenges that we are experiencing.

The baby boomers in Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have been a unique phenomena since the end of World War 2.

As much as we boomers might like to think that this is because we are a particularly interesting and innovative bunch of individuals, the reason is much more mundane than that. The simple reason is that there are so many of us.

The sheer size of numbers of babies being born as soldiers returned from war and our parents felt more confident about the future, meant that governments, institutions and old ways of doing things had to change. So we were causing significant changes before we were even conscious of our own existence.

However, we soon learnt that what we needed, and then what we wanted, became a major focus of government spending and commercial marketing.

And we also discovered that there were enough of us to make it safe to challenge long established traditions and conventions as we indulged our own ideas and ways of doing things.

So where are we now? The oldest of us are entering an entirely new phase of our life as we leave full time employment and re-invent ourselves for what some might call “old age”.

As this is happening the boomers are once again causing changes and challenging the way things have been. We are beginning to express a view of a desired future that does not match the way of the past.

Who will have the power to decide the future of the baby boomers?

There is a potential difference for the future of the boomers that I want to focus on through this site. When we were first born, people older than us made the decisions about what we needed and could have. By the time we were teens, the power had shifted as we made our own needs loudly and colourfully clear.

As we age, we are returning to a period where we might find that another age generation is making decisions for us, this time a younger generation.

So what will we do? As teenagers we had the energy and arrogance to loudly demand what we wanted.

As older people we may have the wisdom to know what is best for us, but have lost some of the power, influence and confidence to express our needs and desires clearly, forcefully and effectively.

Some of us will give up, and allow others to decide for us, simply because we might be physically tired or unwell, or we may feel dependent on the goodwill of family and friends.

My purpose in this site is to encourage the boomer generation to stay engaged in the issues that determine the quality of life they experience, and to “rage against the dying of the light”.

The Next Phase for Baby Boomers.

As this site develops you will be encouraged and invited to;

  • Remain engaged,
  • Express your opinion,
  • Join a conversation,
  • Seek and share ideas and information,
  • Explore a subject independent of political and commercial influences,
  • Continue a conversation beyond the media cycle and the attention span of politicians,
  • Express the power of numbers,
  • Initiate and/or support a cause or action.

If you have an opinion, would like some advice, are concerned about an issue, or would like to be kept in touch with issues and topics on this site, then I urge you to register your name and email contact. You will receive regular updates on issues of interest, and direct links to articles that may be of specific interest to you.

Leave a comment, start a conversation, be part of the next phase of the boomers revolution.

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